Health Reform Compromise

At its heart, the frustration among voters in this deeply divided nation is essentially rooted in one thing: There has been a class war waged against the working middle class for nearly thirty years and its effect is finally being felt.

While ideas for solutions may differ depending on one’s political orientation, there are a few general principles that we can all agree upon, whether you are part of the Tea Party or Occupy Wall Street. First of all, we are Americans — regardless of party or faith or age or sex or any characteristic that may divide us, we believe in equality, democracy, liberty and justice for all.

Americans have always been pragmatic people. We seek solutions to problems without regard to political ideology or religious dogma because we know that whatever works is enough. Perfection lies beyond our mere human ability, but the can-do American spirit has achieved more than anyone could have planned.

We defeated the British, Spain, Germany and Japan in war, when each was an unparalleled military power. We prevailed in the Cold War and put men on the Moon. We invented the telephone, television and the Internet and turned a group of agricultural colonies and vast wilderness into the greatest industrial power the world has ever known. While we have argued among ourselves, Americans have always come together to unite against any common foe.

Even today’s bitter division pales compared to that which led to the Civil War.  Americans are more united than divided, so there is room for reason and accomodation.

The conservative Tea Party loudly demands a repeal of Obamacare — the Patient Protection Act that will require citizens to buy health insurance from private companies or face a fine — which the more progressive Occupy Wall Street movement can agree to if we open Medicare enrollment to all Americans, solving forever the problem of having millions without access to quality medical care.

Replacing Obamacare with Medicare for all Americans will achieve two critical objectives by uniting the people of this great nation and solving a common problem in a way that everyone can agree upon.

Unity for America is a cherished goal for which we must work as hard as we do to restore the other basic values because, when you get right down to it, that is the one that makes them all possible.


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