In a news release issued by Democratic legislative publicist Tom Hester on March 11, Ass. Joseph Cryan acknowledged that the budget he helped Gov. Chris Christie enact last year increased property taxes 4.1 percent.

Cryan cast the deciding vote on June 29 to enact Christie’s 283-page budget, which incorporated about $600,000 in revenue lost from the ‘millionaire’s tax’ that Cryan allowed to expire at the end of 2009.

Ass. Joseph Cryan helped Gov. Chris Christie enact the state budget last year

Cryan said he was not surprised that the budget he supported cut state aid and eliminated 2010 property tax rebates “gave New Jerseyans their highest property tax increases since 2007.”

There were also negative impacts from new school activity taxes imposed on parents plus ramifications of public safety layoffs and other cuts forced by the Christie-Cryan spending plan.

Cryan said, “we’re starting to see the damage” he caused by enabling the Republican Governor to impose “his anti-middle-class policies” on state residents.

Critics say the release is hypocritical because the Union County politician tries to blame Christie for all the consequences of the budget cuts although the spending plan could not have been approved without Cryan’s support.

Lisa McCormick, a senate candidate leading the Democrats for Change slate in the upcoming primary election, takes Cryan to task for supporting Christie’s budget on her website at and in campaign literature that is being widely distributed among Democratic voters.

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