Democratic Accomplishments 2010

President Obama and the Democratic Congress have made extraordinary progress for the American people:


Economic Recovery Act: Saved the economy from a second Great Depression by  saving millions of American jobs, providing tax cuts for 95% of American workers, and beginning to rebuild America’s road, rail, and water infrastructure, with unprecedented accountability.

HIRE Act: Creating 300,000 jobs with tax incentives for businesses hiring unemployed Americans, spurring small business investment, and unleashing investments to rebuild infrastructure

Cash for Clunkers: Jump-starting the U.S. auto industry, with consumer incentives for trading in an old vehicle for one with higher fuel efficiency — spurring the sale of 700,000 vehicles.Credit Cardholders’ Bill of Rights: Ended predatory credit card practices.

Clean Energy

Made the largest investment in green technology in history.

Raised fuel standards after years of stagnation and objection.


Student Aid & Fiscal Responsibility Act: Largest investment in college aid in history — including expanding access to student loans — while reducing the federal deficit by ending wasteful student loan subsidies to banks.

Fiscal Responsibility

Statutory Pay-As-You-Go: Restoring 1990s law that turned record deficits into surpluses; Congress must offset new policies that reduce revenues or expand entitlements.

Fighting Discrimination

Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act: Made equal pay for equal work more than a platitude.

Health Care

Obama Sings SCHIP Bill

President Obama signs SCHIP expansion into law

Health Insurance Reform: Historic legislation putting American families and small business owners — not the insurance companies — in control of their own health care; lowering costs for middle class and small business; expanding health insurance for 32 million Americans; strengthening Medicare and lowering prescription drug costs; creating up to 4 million jobs; and reducing deficit by largest amount in almost two decades.

SCHIP: Expanded health coverage to 4 million more low income American children and preserved coverage for 7 million children already enrolled.

We cannot be shy about plugging the good things accomplished by President Barack Obama and the Democrats because the GOP has no plan to confront America’s toughest problems.

Republicans have only plans to make our problems worse:

Privatize Social Security

Eliminate Medicare

Start a War with Iran

Reduce Unemployment Benefits

Roll Back Health Reform & Wall Street Regulation

Cut Taxes for the Rich & Drive More Middle Class Americans into Poverty

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